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Terminal Commands Cheatsheet

Summary: Resource area for commands that I use for projects. I am making this page because I am transitioning from using Github Desktop to the command line and sometimes I forget the commands.  This is both an exercise for me to actively type the commands and to have a place to refer back to rather than Google how to do something. 


  • Navigate to directory

  • cd file/path 
  • Make a directory (folder)
  • mkdir directoryName
  • Move file from directory1 to directory 2
  • mv file/path/directory1 file/path/to/directory2
  • Copy file from directory1 to directory 2
  • cp file/path/directory1 file/path/to/directory2
  • Check the current directory I am in
  • pwd
  • List files in folder
  • ls


  • Initialize git repo
  • git init
  • Check if there are files that are not been tracked
  • git status
  • Add files to be tracked. All can be changed to the file path/name. 
  • git add all
  • Commit changes
  • git commit -m "Your commit message"
  • Check git configuration
  • git config --list
  • Check your commit history
  • git log
  • Change git account user name
  • git config "YourUserName"
  • Change git account email
  • git config ""

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