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Network Explanation

     The network that I want to create is basically a communication between two Arduino Nano Controllers and a computer with Arduino IDE and Unity. The two controllers will send OSC messages of each player’s input: one button press and one analogue value of the joystick. These messages will be sent to the router which will, in turn, send them to UNITY. The computer will be connected to a TV that will show the Unity scene so that both players can start the game. On the other hand, the phones will have builds of different scenes with each of the character’s perspectives on the story and will then prompt the users to look up to the TV. These phones will also serve as the power source or the Arduino controllers.

     These are the bare bones of my idea, however, I would like to come back and revise how to maybe make the network more effective and maybe include other features, but this is my starting point and depending on how I create the game, I might change some of the things. Of course, I would also like to test these networks with users to see if I should include an OSC communication between the Android Builds and the Computer Unity scenes, however, for the moment I don’t see that as necessary and might overcomplicate the idea for user testing.

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