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Prototypes 7-8: Finding Unity Resources

Summary: Explored different library packages that could be used in the UNITY experience. These packages are from GitHub repos. I found a comprehensive list and experimented with the packages that could be useful. I also learned how to use the manifest.json to resolve issues in importing packages.

On a side note, I did some basic storyboarding for the introduction scenes of the experience, and finished the the LinkedIn Learning Course Intro To Virtual Reality (VR) Filmmaking.


Github Packages Research

I dedicate some time of the making of this week to exploring Unity packages available on Github. One of the main repo's I was looking at was Keijiro Takashi's. I found some very cool assets that I am thinking of using as replacement for some of the payed packages from the Unity Asset store from the previous budget version. Not only were the packages free but of much better quality than the ones I found.

This website had a list of interesting visual effects for Unity. Some were:

Sand/Environment Packages:

Note: Something to think about is that not all packages were made in the same versions of Unity. I tried to use the Sand Shader and the Water Packages together but the water would not appear in the scene because it is in HDPR while the Sand Shader was built in URP.

I also found this absolutely amazing list of opensource Unity packages. It has amazing stuff from different sources. Not everything is updated most of it should work with current Unity versions.

Some stuff I did with those libraries

Yet another sand environment. This time using a library rather than building from scratch.

I am not a big fan of how the sand sparkles look when you stop moving. A solution could be never fully stopping the camera. On the other hand, I really like the material of the sand. I think I will for sure take that asset and combine it with my previous scene Prototype.

Water environments with HDPR Library

I plan to use the pool version rather than the ocean to create the desert oasis in my environment. This will replace one of the paid for assets that I included in my budget.

Particle systems and learning to debug package imports

Initial test with simple particles

Testing VFX on objects

For this specific library, the mesh renderer is very important. The more polygons the mesh has, the better the effects, so for simple objects I will have to create more complex mesh renderers.

Combining different VFX libraries:

This uses the stickers VFX in one of the libraries to mask an object on top of the sphere mesh.


I also decided to storyboard a version of the introduction of my project. It was just to start thinking about the length of the experience (I am aiming for 3 minutes).

VR Filmmaking Course

Additionally, this week I also took the LinkedIn Learning Course Intro To Virtual Reality (VR) Filmmaking. I thought it would be good to see what types of animations/effects I could be doing in Unity instead of hand drawing them.

The idea of investigating filmmaking techniques in Unity came from writing some scripts for my Capstone. I think that focusing on the story made me rethink of the medium and whether or not having everything hand-drawn is the way to go. Now I think that is would be good to have only the character animation be hand-drawn. I think everything in the environment can be done in Unity.


  • Importing packages. Adding Unity packages through GitHub is not working for me, and when I try to add them from the disk, no documents appear even though I have the package properly exported.

  • Fix → add the packages on the project's manifest.json file. This works but only if you know the version of the package you need.

  • Unity glitches on personal computer.

Up next

  • Decide which render pipeline to use (HDRP or URP)
  • Finalize first script version
  • Try to create an environment with the libraries I discovered this week
    • Include a Harmony animation to test combining 2D animations with 3D environments
  • Compile sound files from Sound Idea Library

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