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Summary: Creating a scene in my Capstone Unity Project to test out the final look of the sand and environment. I am also testing the camera path creator plugin from the Unity asset store.


To create a scene in Unity with a fine-cut version of the environment’s look for my capstone project. I also wanted to test the Camera Path Creator plugin to test not only how it works but also how it can be used with triggers.


I started with creating a simple virtual environment in Unity, utilizing the materials and packages that I explored in previous blog posts. I combined the look of my last virtual environment with the object materials that I found online.

I proceeded to make a terrain in the scene with different sand materials and choose the one seen below. Afterwards, I added some fog using the inbuild lighting effects in the game engine. I also created a new skybox resembling the one in a previous iteration (the 2.5 version of the desert environment).

Once the environment was completed, I continued to test out the Camera Path Creator package that professor Slavica recommended to me. I used it to create a simple path through my environment. The result can be seen here below.

Environment Demo

After making the path, I decided to test how it would do with triggers. I utilized the positions where the camera stops for a moment to trigger some sounds.

I then started to think of how I could test user input to choose to go through the path or not. The Camera Path script has a method called PlayPath() that can be used to start the specific path that the object is referencing. I made a small script in which through the input of the spacebar, the camera starts to move in the path. By default, the path loops, so I removed that in order to be able to start the path again once the trail finishes.

To tie everything together, I decided to add some ambient noise.

Final Test Demo

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