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Prototype 5


For this week I actually did several things:
  1. Mapping up of my story (available in this Google Doc), including the premise of the project and the basic worldbuilding.
  2. Sketches for the look/mood that I am looking for in my story
  3. A controller, just becasue I could and because I want to see if maybe in my project the user could have a controller to move the companion character around with them.


Landscapes of my world

Elio (main character)

Rima (companion character)


This controller uses MIDI values to move the player left and right. The button activates the jump. In the Unity sketch, I included some sounds and I would like to explore the relationship between user input, character movement and sound for my next iteration.

For next time

  • Play around with sound and light in Unity and how they could be used in the storytelling
  • Create a simple level incorporating the elements above

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