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CD Holograms

Summary: Using old CD cases to make hologram projections with an iPhone.

I found some old cd’s and their cases while cleaning up the house. As I sorted them out, I noticed that I’d had some leftover cases, so I decided to get creative. After a quick Google search to brainstorm ideas, I stumbled about this project depicting how to make hologram projections with cassette tape cases and thought about doing the same with the CD cases. 

I searched for a video on YouTube with a 3D model moving along a black background and placed my iPhone on the case as depicted below. 

Materials used

  • Transparent CD case
  • Smartphone (iPhone) with internet access 
  • YouTube 


  • Video projected should ideally have a black solid color background for better results. 
  • The bottom of the video has to be parallel to the side of the case with the hinge.
  • The surface behind the case projection should be elevated so that the models appears to be standing on that surface. 

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