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Thaís Alvarenga Medina is a Honduran creative technologist and environmental narrative designer.

She graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi Class of 2023 with a Bachelor in Interactive Media and minors in Applied Mathematics and Film and New Media. Her coursework included classes from the graduate-level Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Thaís is interested in storytelling through the application of technology in cross-disciplinary fields. She mainly works on audio-visual pieces including virtual reality, video games, websites, animation and videography. Her works touch on themes of mental health, grief, indigenous rights and identity through the lens of fantasy and environmental storytelling.

In her free time, she mentors highschool students through their journey in STEM.

Currently based in Honduras, Thaís continues to constantly weave new stories. 

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Artist Statement

Beneath the warmth of my traditional Honduran quilt, my father's face glowed in the soft light of the bedside lamp, his voice weaving stories in my childhood room. In those moments, the world ceased to exist, and I was embraced by the tales of generations past.

At first glance, scenes like these—of a father reading a bedtime story—may seem small, but in retrospect, they were everything. Through these stories, I learned about the nuances of good and evil, and complex human concepts like death, injustice, forgiveness, and hope. These narratives instilled in me the values and moral lessons, or "moralejas".

My life and that of those around me have been marked by human experiences of grief, loss, mental struggles, and the quest for dignity.

The democratization of technology has empowered me to reimagine these stories by constructing immersive worlds that explore the challenges of being human. Through my narratives, I explore the human experience and foster introspection on navigating our complex world.

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