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Summary: created new scene with a 360 looped dolly track. Fixed the responsiveness of the UI elements in the game. Did user tests with original and the 360 tracks. Did readings on story structures (Story by Robert Mckee).


Based on feedback from my first user test from last week, I decided to create a new scene that would focus more on the story than the navigation. This scene has a 360 dolly track that loops, such that the starting and ending points of the game is the same. This version would allow for more emphasis in dialogue rather than being able to choose where to go to.


I was able to finally make the UI in the game responsive. It’s not that big of a deal but it was bothering me quite a bit, specially since the builds would have different text sizes, which ruined the proportions in the screen. Now that is corrected.


User 1

The first user test I did was last week. I tested the main scene that I had which consisted on 3 tracks: one for the intro scene and then two so the user could choose to go left or right.

The feedback that I got from this experience was that the story was not working. It seemed like the introduction was not as engaging as I had hoped and that taking the time to navigate through the environment was making the experience too long and taking away from the story.

User 2

For the second test, I had a user experience the new 360 looped track. They liked it, despite the fact that there was no verbal audio. They liked the pacing in which things appeared on screen. One thing that was mentioned was that since in this version the character is alway in view, it takes away from the background as you only concentrate in this character.

User 3

I had one user try both experiences. The story was still not as clear, however, they did point out that they liked the pacing of the camera in the 360 loop more than the branched one. They also mentioned that the first experience was hard to understand because the voice audio was not very distinguishable.

Things to improve:

  • audio
  • script/storyboard of story
  • camera shake (looks like a glitch, not an effect)

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